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Welcome to Newberg MOPS!

MOPS is a grassroots movement that believes moms are world influencers. We believe that incubating hearts and giving just-because-hugs can change the course of history. That’s why MOPS connects moms all over the world to a community of women, in their own neighborhoods, who meet together to laugh, cry and embrace the journey of motherhood. MOPS groups are rallying women to be more honest, to feel more equipped and to find our identity by journeying alongside one another.

MOPS stands for Mothers of Preschoolers, and by preschoolers we mean kiddos from birth through kindergarten. We know it’s a little confusing so let’s just stick with “MOPS.”

We are moms, and we believe that better moms make a better world.

Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Introducing our 2016-17 Newberg MOPS Steering Team: STEPHANIE THOUVENEL

This year's Steering Team's fearless leader is STEPHANIE THOUVENEL.  She does a fantastic job of making tough decisions, lining up speakers, keeping the steering team members focused and so much more!

• Name: Stephanie Thouvenel

• Position: Coordinator

• Kids/Family: My husband Joseph and I have two beautiful kiddos. Our daughter is 6 years old and our son is 3.

• Favorite thing to do with my family: We really enjoy music, whether it’s singing, playing, or dancing. We also love playing board games and exploring new places. Bike riding has been a favorite this summer as well.

• What a day to myself would look like: I’m always torn when people ask this question. I think I need two days. Yes, I’m going to take two days to myself. The first day would be completely productive. I’d get up early, go for a run, deep clean, cook a whole bunch of food, and get completely organized. And the second day I would sleep. ALL. DAY. LONG.

• Why I joined Steering:  I originally joined Steering as a way to get involved and meet new people. I stayed on Steering because I have a dream that every woman who walks through our doors at MOPS feels welcome and finds “her people,” and I want to be a part of making that happen.

• What I enjoy most about MOPS: I love MOPS and the way it brings mom’s together in a time of life where so much drives us apart. I love meeting so many new people and having the opportunity to develop depth in relationship with moms who can understand where I am at and what I am experiencing.

• What I am looking forward to this year with MOPS: Everything! As we plan out this year I found myself getting more and more excited about it all. From MOPPETS outings to MOM’S Time Outs to listening to the awesome speakers we have lined up, I just can’t pick.

• What this year’s theme “We Are The Starry Eyed” means to me: When we first become moms we all sit and wonder at our children, how special and magical it all feels to hold your baby for the first time. And yet, we often lose that wonder in the mundaneness of sleep deprivation, dirty diapers, messy kitchen floors, and piles of laundry. To me, “We are The Starry Eyed” means allowing ourselves to recognize light and darkness in our lives, the good and the hard, the mundane and the magical, and being willing to walk in both. It means choosing to live in hope, kindness, and wonder, while also folding the wrinkled, clean (hopefully) laundry off the couch.  We may be dazed from lack of sleep or long days, but we can also be starry eyed and look towards hope.

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